A little about me... 

A bullet list for your convenience: 

  • Born, raised in Baltimore, MD

  • Currently living and thriving between the Baltimore/NYC area. 

  • Degree: MT BM and training from London Dramatic Academy

  • I also write (<-- click here) and studied literature and rhetoric. 

  • My sense of humor is somewhere between Gilmore Girls and End of the F***ing World. 

  • Fitness Coach (NASM Certified Personal Trainer) 

  • If I were a baked good I would be a chocolate orange bread pudding with custard. No hesitation. 

  • I wear glasses because I have 20/80 vision, not because I think it looks cool. That's just an added bonus.  

  • Currently looking for opportunities on stage and screen.

  • My favorite color is purple.

  • Adventurous and willing to travel.​

  • Favorite novel: Emma; Favorite Shakespeare: Cymbeline