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Alittle aboutme: 

01: Some basics

I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD.


I am currently based in LA, nonunion, and 18+, and represented by the Kia Todd Talent Agency. 

03: Things I like 

02: How I got here

I am trained in classical acting and Shakespeare (London Dramatic Academy) and Musical Theatre (Rome School of Music, Drama, Art). 

I graduated when theatres were closing for COVID 19, so I made the transition to screen acting, and I am so grateful I did.

I am a writer and I studied literature and rhetoric. I love character study and script analysis and my relationship to literature plays a huge role in how I tackle a character.  

​I am partial to coming-of-age realism and period pieces. 

My sense of humor rests somewhere between New Girl and End of The F****** World. 

04: Miscellanous fun facts

I am a fitness coach (NASM CPT) and I also have experience in stage combat as well as a dance background, so I love working with active roles.

​I wear glasses irl and I can't watch 3D movies because my eyes don't understand them. 

My favorite color is purple.

I really like to cook and I am actually ... pretty good at it, but it is hit or miss because I am literally never following a recipe. 

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